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The Guerriero Lab works closely with the Dana-Farber Breast Oncology Program. The Guerriero laboratory is part of an initiative to be the preeminent breast tumor immunology/immunotherapy program in the country.  The laboratory bridges the clinical breast oncology program with the basic and translation breast cancer immunology laboratory efforts at Dana-Farber.

The Guerriero Laboratory has a high priority on understanding resistance to T-cell immunotherapy in breast cancer, identification of novel immunotherapy targets, linking pre-clinical work to clinical trials, correlating clinical trial outcomes with changes in the tumor microenvironment and analyzing human tumors to inform pre-clinical work.  Guerriero mentors a number of highly talented research scientists and fellows with the ultimate goal of translating laboratory findings into clinical trials. The major goal is to understand the complex breast tumor microenvironment to design/develop new therapies to enhance patient care.  We work closely with the outstanding basic scientists, translational researchers and clinical trialists across the Harvard system to advance the science of our basic investigators to the clinic, then take observations/specimens from the clinic back to the laboratory.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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